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Carersbadger is a Careers Education show and online platform that exists to provide you with insights and advice from professionals at the top of their game to help you build your vision and equip you with the knowledge, skills & opportunities to make it happen.


THe why


Hi I'm James and I am a Teacher and Founder of Careersbadger.
I am on a mission to get great career insight and advice to young people and anyone considering a change. 

We spend a third of our lives at work so it is well worth investing the time to identify what you want to do. Unless you have a burning desire to do a certain career, figuring out what you want to do can be challenging. One of the most effective ways to try and understand what a job is like and whether you would be suited to it is by speaking with those people who are living those careers today. This in itself can be a challenge, particularly if we don't know a corporate lawyer say. Creating a vision for the life you want is the first step towards making it happen. Similarly, often we must take our first step in order to figure out what we want to do, so working out a rough direction to travel in can be very useful.


Careersbadger exists to help you discover and create the future that you want by giving you access to in depth interviews with professionals at the top of their game. Topics covered include:


  • The pathways successful professionals have taken to get them to where they are today

  • What inspired them to choose the career

  • Insights into their career including what a typical day looks like

  • The best and worst parts of the job

  • Salaries

  • Routes to get into the career which you can follow

  • Practical advice and tips that you can apply to your own lives

  • What you can be doing now to maximise your chances of career success


Careersbadger gets its name from the honey badger. In pursuit of honey, these critters routinely endure bee stings, snake bites and there's even a clip of one being mauled by lions. But every time, the honey badger gets up, shakes itself off, and keeps moving towards its goal. Accordingly, it's a metaphor for the spirit animal we should adopt in pursuit of our career sweet spot. Curious, resilient, hard working. I really hope you find the content useful.


Best wishes,